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Clean and Green Defence Against Flu Season.

Clean and Green Defence Against Flu Season.

Is it just me, or are we all just a little over all this all doom and gloom? Could be the pandemic fatigue kicking in full swing, but we’ve approached the end of a dark 2020 and by seasonal default, we’re now landing in sick season.

This is when we can expect moods to turn down, and sink into the inevitable seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) lending its hand to seasonal related sickness. If you’re a believer of good old fashion self-immune harnessing power- you’ll want to tune into this neat little power packed immune booster overview. Your moms age old remedy against cold and flu season has a new face. In fact, it’s a vibe on its own that has the celebrities and everyday global citizen talking. Votes are in- “IT’S A KEEPER”! Our hometown heroes ‘Beekeeper’s Naturals’ is a Canadian brand that has seen tremendous organic growth and love from all their adoring users. Their propolis on–the-go spray takes tried and true to a whole new level. This organic and easy to use immune aid is here for you during this “anything could happen” time.

While public health officials have issued mandated instructions for; excessive hand washing/sanitizing, donning a mask/face covering as your new ‘always accessory’, you additionally have to consider ways to dodge the common day seasonal cold and flu. [Said with sarcasm] Don’t you dare get sick! It’ll automatically be assumed that you may be another casualty of that [don’t say it]-virus that’s going around. It’s hard enough to maneuver with all these measures in place, but a huge thing to take into consideration is how much excess effort and waste is being created as a result. Now I’m not saying they’re not important, but I think we can all vote for an internal armor against becoming seriously or minorly ill. Rather than depend on the mandate of personal protection equipment – which is making way into our landfills and water zones as another matter of waste, isn’t this the easier effort? And another happy bonus – this stuff taste sweet as… that’s right honey.

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