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Kind Laundry

Co Founders: Angie Tran and Bernard Law


Kind Laundry offers zero-waste and safer laundry alternatives to your traditional laundry detergents that come in heavy bulky plastic jugs and contain up to 20+ toxic ingredients. Their pre-measured sheets are made with only 4 simple ingredients but still packs strong cleaning power (it's the cleanest on the market!). Angie and Bernard are on a mission to eliminate 1 BILLION plastic jugs polluting our planet every year.

Kind Laundry was recently awarded "Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent" by Better Homes & Gardens


"We don't know any major brands right now that can say their detergent is non-toxic and keeps sustainability at the center of every single step of their business operation. We are here to disrupt and challenge the status quo and offer an eco-friendly alternative that many people have been searching for."


Kind Laundry was founded because:

We started our business because when we owned a healthy fast-food restaurant, we were shocked at how much plastic bags and waste we went through a day - and that’s just one location alone! This opened our eyes to the amount of unnecessary single-use plastic and waste we consumed as a society.

In the US alone, over 1 billion plastic jugs get discarded into the landfills and oceans each year and less than 7% of it actually gets recycled. The rest? It gets shipped off to poorer nations around the world affecting people’s living conditions and health.  It’s simply not a sustainable way of living.

What are you most passionate about?

We are most passionate about learning as much as we can and contributing back in every way we can - both in our business life and personal lives. We have a very soft spot for animals and have adopted 3 from the animal shelter so far and regularly support/donate animal rights initiatives.


What was the greatest challenge/opportunity in business during this pandemic?

The greatest challenge is not knowing how the market will behave during this tough economic time - especially as people are losing the jobs and feeling fear. The best opportunity was having the time to step back and really evaluate the next business venture we wanted to build - something that really represents who we are as people and can make some sort of positive impact to the world in some way. We had a lot of time to reflect on the vision for our business that reignited our passion and purpose.


What celebrity, brand or cause would you collaborate with and why?

We would love to collaborate with Oceana, 4Oceans, Peta  - they have done an incredible job creating informative and interesting content to help people learn more about our pollution crisis and animal cruelty. They have inspired us to create products that are completely zero-waste and contain no animal by products (or test on animals)...and we hope more and more brands consider to do


Fast Round Q's


1. Where do you want to go when travel is back up:

Southeast Asia and taste the delicious local food from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia...yum.

2. Cottage life or Island escape 

Island escape...white powder sand and clear water please

3. Coffee or Tea

Tea, all day everyday! 

4. Favorite Cuisine or Dish:

We love food too much to choose, we eat anything and everything --- that’s another passion of ours. :)




Check out Kind Laundry's collection of eco-friendly and non-toxic laundry products >


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