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Get To Know The Brand: LAKE & OAK

Get To Know The Brand: LAKE & OAK

Lake & Oak Tea 

Founder & Nutrionist: Meredith Youngson.


Meredith is the Tea-ologist at Lake & Oak. The branding genius behind blending these delicious nutritional teas, adaptogenic blends and packaged these gorgeously sustainable pantry- decorating glass jars.

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario. 


"The favourite part of my job is creating new things and dreaming up new recipes of Superfood Teas & Adaptogen Blends. It’s what keeps me going when things get hard, repetitive or stressful in business."


Lake & Oak was founded because:

MY: The Creations are a way of sharing my obsession for delicious food, holistic nutrition and advocating for mental health. The idea to start Lake & Oak was sparked when I was managing symptoms of anxiety and looking to feel better naturally with food and herbs.

Inspired by my knowledge of holistic nutrition and using plants as medicine, I began experimenting with herbs like chamomile, peppermint, skullcap etc, and that ended up being our first tea - Ashwagandha + Chill.

Every tea is created with an intention to comfort, satisfy, elevate and inspire self-care everyday. Our lives and diets can sometimes feel out of control or imbalanced, which is why it can be so important to slow down and enjoy stillness with something that feels good (like tea!).


What are you most passionate about?

Mental health. Self-care. Kindness. Food & Cooking.


What it means to be women in business in 2021. 

Pushing boundaries, breaking out of what's “expected” of us and getting out of our comfort zones. Supporting and inspiring each other along the way. Watching women succeed was a large part of what inspired me to go after my dreams. They showed me the way and I hope to show others.


Rapid fire Q’s 


1. Where do you want to go when travel is back up?

The stress and hibernation of the pandemic has me craving  a low-key beach vacation. I’m typically all about adventures, backpacking and active travel, but right now a taco in Tulum would be amazing.


2. Cottage life or Island escape?

Cottage life. Cottage summer’s up north in Muskoka are a large part of inspired Lake & Oak’s name. The peace and stillness of being in the lake water at sunset - it’s bliss. 


3. Coffee or Tea?

Who says you can’t have both. Soothing herbal teas are my all day elixir of choice (obviously). But I can’t deny my passion for an oat milk flat white. 


4. Favorite Cuisine or Dish?

I’m flavour and spice obsessed. Most of my favourite foods are full of umami, heat or spice. Thai or Indian curries, ramen, or anything Mexican.


Check out Lake and Oak's collection of  Superfood Tea Blends & Adaptogen Blends >


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