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Get To Know The Brand: LITHE LASHES

Get To Know The Brand: LITHE LASHES

Lithe Lashes

Founder and Owner: Linda Secondi.

Linda is not only the gorgeous face, but the well designed brand's voice and brand visionary behind sustainably packaged and well designed false eyelashes. Lithe Lashes is based in Toronto, Canada. 



"I love all the design related work, all the way from product design to marketing deliverables. That's my strong suit". ~ Linda Secondi


Lithe Lashes was founded because:

"I searched high and low for a lash extension alternative that I could wear for the day. I took to the market and couldn't find options that I felt were natural looking enough, as well as comfortable enough for a full day of wear. As I started the design process and researched some more, I also learned how much mink was marketed in the lash industry, and in addition, I also learned how there wasn't a single lash brand on the market at the time that had recyclable packaging. This was my motivation to start my own false lash brand that would not only cater to those who were looking for everyday lash options, but also align with my philosophies of being Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Eco Conscious".

What are you most passionate about?

I'm passionate about helping women look good, and thus feel good. (A good pair of lashes can be a total game changer.)


What it means to be women in business in 2021?

The female entrepreneurial space has grown so much. I feel very fortunate to be starting my own business journey in a time like this where there are so many other women in this space that are so eager and willing to help each other, whether it be through sharing ideas, stories, strategies or resources. To also have social media and all the technological tools right at our fingertips has completely changed the meaning of being in business in 2021. There's so much a woman can do in the world of business to market herself, gone are the days where you have to be a television celebrity. It feels empowering and liberating to have my own platform where I can share my own personal experiences or insight to help others who are or are thinking of pursuing their own business adventure.


What celebrity, brand or cause would you collaborate with and why? 

We would love to partner with a halfway house one day to help women in need. Beauty products are commonly overlooked because it is not considered a necessity. Being able to offer products that could bridge that gap to someone who is in need of presenting themselves in a professional setting could really help them--whether it being acquiring a job, or networking with others.

Fast Round Q's


1. Where do you want to go when travel is back up:

Would love to rent a camper and spend a year on the road with my husband and poochie, visiting every province and state, hiking, getting out on the water, soaking up the sun and the wildlife. 

2. Cottage life or Island escape 

Secluded Island!

3. Coffee or Tea


4. Favorite Cuisine or Dish:


Check out the Lithe's collection of sustainable lashes and accessories >



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