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Parallel Tea

Co Founders: Elysia Groberman and Genia Mikhalchenko


Parallel is a sustainable SuperTea company on a mission to help you awaken your flow. They offer a superior, premium blend of Amazonian Yerba Mate & Guayusa that boosts energy, while providing mental clarity and improved well-being. They also donate a portion of their profits to support rainforest sustainability in the Amazon through their new giving partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

My goal is not only to build up the Parallel brand through our products but to also provide value through the other pillars of our company: philosophy, art and music - all of which are my other passions and are very much woven into the fabric of our content. I believe that with the combination of all those elements, we can really help get our message across and encourage people to live their best lives."
~ Elysia Groberman, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer



Parallel Tea was founded because:

As young adults advancing through the adventures in our personal and professional lives, my Co-Founder Genia and I were used to consuming the typical forms of caffeine to fuel us through our days. After a while, it became clear that what we were used to in our younger years just wasn't going to cut it.

Throwing back multiple cups of brown sludge, riding the coffee-cup roller coaster or chugging a rainbow-coloured chemical concoction in a can just didn’t feel right anymore. The positive effects became more short-lived and the restlessness, anxiety, jitters and insomnia that came along with it just wasn't worth it.

It became increasingly obvious that we were sacrificing our long-term health for a short-term boost. There had to be a better alternative…

What are you most passionate about?

First and certainly foremost, health and wellness is the foundation around which I try and build my life and the Parallel Tea brand around. I believe it's in everyone's best interest to help those around them to identify ways in which they can improve their lives and maximize their optimal performance.  The healthier people's quality of life is, the better for the collective good.


What was the greatest challenge/opportunity in business during this pandemic?

The greatest opportunity of the pandemic was having the spare time to actually get this company and brand off the ground! We had been incubating the idea for several years before finding ourselves stuck at home for months at a time last year and finally decided to make it a reality. Secondary to that, I think we can all agree that the pandemic has truly revealed so many ways in which people can improve their health and lifestyle, as well as create better habits. We believe that all starts with what you put into your body, hence why we are offering people a better alternative to the old and traditional means of staying caffeinated that are not as good for us as we have been led to believe.

With the lockdowns and social distancing in place, the greatest challenge has been physically getting in front of our target market and audience. We initially conceived of many in-person activations at grocery stores, farmers markets, trade shows, events and cafes. Unfortunately, we have not been able to implement any of those plans, so we have had to focus on a primarily e-commerce first approach. That being said, we can't wait for everything to open up and to be able to interact in person with potential customers.


What celebrity, brand or cause would you collaborate with and why?

Teaware and Accessory companies: FellowViva -  both of which are some of the most well-engineered and beautiful tea accessory brands on the market

Food + Beverage companies that would pair well with us: HandfuelBee Keeper's NaturalsMidday SquaresMade Good, OatlyMinor FiguresMalk

People: Peggy Gou (She's a big tea drinker and her whole existence is SUCH A VIBE), Aubrey MarcusTim FerrisLauryn BostickMelissa Wood Health


Fast Round Q's


1. Where do you want to go when travel is back up:

 Ecuador and Argentina, two beautiful countries where the primary ingredients of our blend originate from. Bali and Hawaii are also high up on the list due to their traditional high vibe appeal, history, nature and culture.


2. Cottage life or Island escape 

 Island Escape!

3. Coffee or Tea

Tea, duh! 

4. Favorite Cuisine or Dish:

All things Italian cuisine. Can never go wrong!  


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