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Let’s get down to the green. I’m talking about the dollars, the trees, the efforts that preserve both. Now we’re living in a time where resources are abundant for those who live in the parts of the world where consumerism is heavily possessing our day to day to actions. Must-have new technology, phones, outfits and the lifestyle that is IG worthy. A lot of that has seen a very regressive change due to the unforeseen pandemic. We’ve been forced to stay home, slow down non-essential travelling, make pivotal changes to our jobs/careers and somewhere in the fog of all this we’re still trying to figure it out. The routine has been entirely overhauled and it doesn’t feel quite comfortable yet. Even as we approach the last months of 2020, we’re still bracing the days with the anticipation of ‘what next?’ While it’s tricky to control the outer world, the politics, the protocols and this sudden “new norm” we find ourselves unbalanced with this effort of trying to sustain control in our lives again.

A huge thing to take into consideration when trying to grasp our personal sense of control is – what do I have choices over?

During all of this you’ve witnessed a lot of change. Change can be overwhelming. When your favorite restaurant is now no longer in business, or available for dine-in, we’re seeing changes in so many other entertainment related sectors. We’ve been forced to entertain ourselves and a lot of people have been forced to change careers and their lifestyles as a result. How do we make subtle choices to change things in our lives that feel positive but also reclaim our sense of control?


  1. Save Money. When money is abundant or you feel more comfortable to spend your disposable income on the extras: entertainment/clothing, new gadgets for the home, a new car, whatever it may be – it feels good. It shoots up your dopamine levels that re-affirms you’ve earned. You should enjoy it and there will be something else down the line you’ll seek after you’ve attained whatever milestone reward you’ve been squireling away at. Now this may not be an option now that things have changed, but in fact is achievable. When you are able to save money in purchasing longer living items. Etc.: reusable dryer balls that replace disposable dryer sheets (which are energy saving and reusable), it’s both money saving and time saving. Speed up dry time, without harmful toxins from perfume-based dryer sheets, you’ll notice that the extra $7 every six weeks is about $60 a year. Now that’s just a small measure of change. When you factor in cost of the paper towels which averages $20-30 a month (that’s) that can be the upward of number of $240 annually.  
  1. Use more, buy less. This is not often a promoted topic as it goes against the popular culture of consume more. The green routine is not about- no spending. It’s about making wiser purchasing decisions. Ones that don’t require the constant re-stock of household goods. We realize that consumerism isn’t going away, we all need and want products to make life easier and more enjoyable. Consider your purchase dollars as a reinvestment to the world. There’s no price tag attached to clean air- but there should be right? We bought into bottled cleaner drinking water, what about cleaner air?


  1. Protect versus replace. The world of stuff to buy is infinite. It’s reckless to say that everything is replaceable, but it has certainly become common place to believe that. When your shirt rips, you replace it. When your appliance breaks you buy a new one, when you’re tired of your home décor you overhaul it. It certainly feels great and fresh to replace things but what happens to the trove of waste that accumulates over the span of one’s life? It more than likely becomes garbage. Protecting your purchases means that the condition of your goods can be salvaged and preserved even if you decide you wanted to flip it onto “ FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE” This and apps alike provide a plethoric hosting grounds for pre-loved, used items that can be re-purchased at a good price. Turning trash to treasure takes on a new meaning these days. The entrepreneurial spirit has been revived in this category. The small steps in preserving our goods goes a long way. When you buy quality goods, they tend to last longer and get a second round at life.


Voila – feel good about change that protects the wallet and the planet all at once. Change you have control over in a time that is entirely uncertain.


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