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So this is about to be the strangest holiday in the history of our living time. Yes, I mean us as in you and I, present day 2020. For the most part we’ve all been on lock-down for the last – what seems to be century. Caged at home, having exhausted food delivery apps and Netflix, what a time to be alive!

Seriously I’m grateful for my health but if you’re anything like me, your emotions have been swinging both high and low with all of this. Leave it to the last quarter and this suspensive American election season to have us all strung on our last legs awaiting relief from Mariah Carey’s holiday music to fill the air at the shopping malls….Oh wait, scratch that last part (in-door shopping has seen a downturn as fear continues to loom of the Covid-19 virus trapped in enclosed spaces).

Alright, well this year’s holiday plan have definitely changed shape, but gifting isn’t going anywhere.  Having been emotionally jolted for the last ten months and feeling completely tapped out, sorting out feel good gifts for loved ones can feel daunting, and budget crushing… am I right?

Well here’s a gifting notion I encourage us all to consider as our minds turn to purchase heavy holidays – we work towards turning the corner from frivolous purchases and the un-necessaries, to giving earth-friendly gifts that save money, and will be used all year long, adding subtle but noticeable life improvements. Does this sound approach like a little bit of soul-food? We’re making it easy to begin with a short list of some simple, yet beautiful gift suggestions that keep giving and greening.


DINNER GUEST GIFT – Potted Peace Lilies.

Flowers are lovely but can be limited when purchased as a ‘cut flowers’ bouquet. Look out for potted Peace Lilies this season! As a guest attending a holiday dinner or visiting loved ones, this gift continues to live on past the typical bouquet lifecycle (generally only 3-5 days). If you’re in a pinch you will likely find these ‘AIR PURIFYING PLANTS’ in the floral department of the grocery store or even in the garden department of your local hardware store. Re-pot this plant in your own choice of planter and viola!

It’s always great to consider your recipients style of home décor (if you know it) or alternatively, just get creative and choose a planter or basket made of natural materials that makes a gift-worthy gesture.

This green gift is nature’s warrior against in-home toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene and ammonia. This plant is ultra easy to care for and needs minimal sunlight. Your recipient will have you to thank for not only injecting more low maintenance beauty into their home or office, but also for the many health benefits plants serve up, such as reducing stress, boosting mood, and enhancing productivity and creativity. 


ATTENTION CRAFTERS- DIY clean beauty and home?

Alright, so I think we can all agree – the search for clean, aluminum free deodorants is a real thing. There are countless amounts of google searches on how to concoct the perfect natural deodorant. Conveniently, the makers of ‘MAKE THIS UNIVERSE’ thought of this brilliant DIY craft set to do just that. Not only will you be given fun activity to complete, but by the end of it you’ve got your self a stick of entirely clean deodorant, [pause for reaction]. For a less personal DIY craft designed by the same makers, there’s also a scented candle set. Beautifully packaged, naturally made and nostalgia back into science class guaranteed. How awesome is that!?



So if this isn’t making a French statement… this netted, chic re-useable market bag actually makes for the most fashionable eco statement. Cotton string, zero- plastic, woven market bags are actually all-season. This “IT” eco- bag converts purposefully as a casual sac de jour, beach bag and grocery getter. Even when empty on the floor you can’t take your eyes off it. It’s simple, chic and with a sensible design. A win in our eyes!


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