Together for Better Weather

We’re living in a time where information is rich, consumer options are plentiful and yet we still need to arrive at a better place. Today is when we must make those changes so that our tomorrow becomes that better place. Your local community is working to offer choices, transparent products and to raise these consumable standards.

The earth demands better and your future deserves it too.

About BeWea

We are a curated online marketplace where quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, and fair trade products are discovered. Our destination marketplace consists of thoughtfully derived essentials for the home, family, pets and self-care. Our founding belief is to reclaim a sustainable planet, and this mission needs to be woven in the integrity of consumer products.

Our marketplace is designed to make these choices simple, enjoyable but second nature. Our story is presently writing itself with your support and the efforts of our local earth heroes.

BeWea Concept

It’s important for us to collaborate locally- this means working with local sellers, creators and brands to ensure their small businesses are getting the support they need. We believe a world of sustainability can take form through supporting an economy that needs consumers to shop consciously in support of the local guys.

Our e-marketplace fuses a “one stop shop “ common place where you can discover both small and large batch local goods. BeWea is an effort of both our supporters and our partnered shops who work tirelessly to provide better alternatives to minimize consumer impact on the earth.

Green Forest

Our Mission

Taking the guesswork out of purchasing truly eco-friendly, and sustainable and socially responsible products.

Empowering small & medium sized business owners with a platform to grow their business with like-minded consumers.

We set out to shine a light on local businesses who are doing what they love to impact earth change.

Our standards for selecting retail partners result in hosting a better, more informed way to shop and sell responsibly.

Together our everyday choices can make a positive impact that is long-lasting and sustainable.

The Founders : Our Personal Journey to Better Weather.

It was March of 2020, when two friends Jessica and Tran, sat spaced apart in Jessica's garage during the first pandemic lockdown in Southern Ontario.  They spoke about a creative endeavour where they could collaborate to form an online marketplace for local sellers and brands. Specifically, they wanted to amplify the presence of conscious products, ones that were not yet seen in the average household. Products that were essential and meaningful from local brands that raise consumer standards in design and promote ethically sourced, quality goods.

Jessica who has worked in Cambodia for an NGO called Rescue Cambodia knew that her purpose behind profit would always be to donate back to a charitable cause. Tran, mother of two was always met with challenges in finding wholesome daily goods that were kind and low impact on the earth. They both sought products that weren't just beautiful but made consciously.

Together they founded BeWea  [Bee- Wee], a concept for climate change and the short form for 'Better Weather'. They starting constructing the model for this e-marketplace that fused elements of thoughtfully designed, modern day, conscious goods with the purpose to give back globally, locally and for better weather.

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